Friday, May 6, 2011

Megan Olivia Mcphee

Megan Olivia Mcphee  <<< this is the fundraising page I started for Megan.

For months I have agonized over wanting to do something to honor Megan's memory. Yesterday I found something that will just be perfect for us. Emily and I are walking for Team Megan! We are fundraising for "The Tears Foundation". A wonderful foundation that reaches out to those newly bereaved family's and aims to help with the financial aspect of their child's death.

The TEARS Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that seeks to compassionately lift a financial burden from families who have lost a baby by providing funds to assist with the cost of burial or cremation services.We believe that every baby's life deserves to be honored and memorialized in accordance with the grieving parents' wishes and are committed to helping bereaved parents with this experience.
We also believe that every grieving parent deserves access to ongoing bereavement support. Therefore, we also offer parents comprehensive bereavement care in the form of grief support groups and peer companions.

As soon as I read about this organization it became important to me to help. The TEARS Foundation's Rock & Walk sounded like such a perfect way to honor Megan. Close to home helps as well. I am still wading through the information on how I would start my own "Run for a reason" for the, but that will take lots of time and planning and simply I'm overwhelmed. I will need to reach out to friends that have done this before and get their help. For now, this walk has me so very excited. I've never been a good fundraiser kind of gal but should be a perfect place to start. This is important to me, losing a child is the worst pain imaginable. Being unable to pay for their funeral..... This organization helps, reaches out, takes people into their arms and gives such a small amount of peace to people hurting.

When I first started thinking about this, I let my insecurities take hold. "I don't want to do this unless someone else will do it with me." Took me about an hour to shake that and say "I am doing this, even if Emily and I do it alone." " We will walk, we will remember, and heck... we get tshirts with Megan's name on it. We will walk and we will remember.

So if you are able, any little bit helps. Thank you so much for your support. I'm so very excited :) and hopeful and proud.


mrsnice777 said...

This sounds wonderful! What a great way to honor for Megan!


marisa said...

You are doing a great thing in honoring sweet Megan. I think that Megan will be really proud. I wish that we lived closer so that I could join you in the walk. I would love to donate to the cause.

Mary said...

What a special way to honor your beautiful daughter. Megan is one special girl. I would love to walk for her if I was there.

BellaSteph said...

Good for you! I do the same sort of thing. I met a woman (now friend) who runs the Stella B. Foundation in honor of her daughter who died. She raises money to help parents with sick/dying/dead children who have been spending all their time at the hospital and haven't been working. The foundation helps pay rent, mortgage, utility bills etc. I was the first person she was able to donate to. They did this for me at the hopsital. Anyways I do whatever fundraiser/walk she has and it feels good to give back. I am glad you found something as well.

Susan said...

I would like to walk with you too - however, I'm 31 weeks and not allowed on a plane any more - maybe next year? I will go and investigate the funding raising site - can I donate in Sterling?

In the US, do they charge to bury children? In the UK, funeral directors generally make no charge. All we had to contribute for Catherine's burial was the purchase of the plot (a tiny fee for opening the grave set for children's burials) and the flowers. Our undertakers were wonderful - they even sent flowers to the funeral themselves - I was very, very touched by that.

Some of my friends here have lost adult children - so I know what a problem this can be.

Well done for having the strenght to do this. I hope you are managing with teh pregnancy adn the grief xx