Thursday, May 6, 2010

The worst day of my life

Awesome antibiotic has baby girl feeling great!


Geri said...

Hello Jennifer,

Thank you for sharing your story, it has touched so many. Something that jumped out at me was how Megan was lying with her face buried into the bed, and how so many SIDS babies are found this way. Have you read Dr. Sprott's report on toxic mattresses? He believes babies/children try to get away from the off-gases in this manner. He also claims there has not had a single SIDS case involving babies who sleep on mattresses that are properly wrapped according to the Richardson protocol. There is much controversy about this theory but my thought is it cannot hurt to wrap a mattress with a BabySafe mattress cover. I wish I had known about it before my daughter Zoe died of SIDS in 2001. Even if it saves just one family from this tragedy it's worth with. Here is Barry Richardson's 50 page thesis on how nerve gases can form in mattresses causing sudden death.

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope your future together will be a happy one.

lissasue3 said...

Again, I am so sorry for your loss. I'm going to go wake my three year old now and give her the biggest hugs and kisses ever.