Friday, August 7, 2009

I am a terrible blogger

I really am, Im constantly forgetting that I'm supposed to be doing this! Things are going ok in our little world. Megan is in that you shall never put me down stage or I'll cry and drive you to insanity. I'm not really enjoying it at the moment. Emily has totally stepped up and been my little helper, she has just been wonderful lately, I'm so proud of her!
Since we have the big exciting kindergarten coming up, we've been talking about bedtimes. I've been awful about bedtimes I really have so we are going to buckle down and 'get er done'. I want to get the baby in a bedtime schedule as well which means I need to get a crib, enough with the sleeping with me all night. I swear it makes her want to nurse more having me close. With her in this little stage of hers nursing constantly seems to be another aspect of it.
11 months old and this kid can finally sit up, even puts herself in a sitting position, I was seriously starting to worry that I would end up with this kid that refused to sit.

I was doing so great at keeping the house clean, we are back home so the family can stop by anytime they want, it has to be presentable. Yet, i've found myself letting things go here and there, dads gone why bother kind of attitude and I really want to get myself out of it. Things are so much calmer when the house is clean, it puts everyone in better moods. I still have laundry from when he was here 2 weeks ago that needs to be put away. I think mentally though once i put it away I know that's it for a year unless I decide to pull out some of his clothes once in awhile to throw in the wash. But who does that, add clean clothes to the dirty laundry, hello that's more work!

I'm also really wanting to put us all on a schedule, last deployment I became an insufferable insomniac and I'm bound and determined to keep that under control this time. I want to be one of those woman that gets up, cleans, showers and gets ready for the day early in the morning even if there is nothing going on. I've heard its great for the soul, makes you feel better about yourselves and its true, when you get up early and get ready you have more energy. So that's the plan, whether or not I follow through is another blog.