Sunday, May 4, 2014


For months now every single day, just tons of spam comments. Why all of a sudden? I rarely get regular comments anymore and I know I don't post a ton but still all these spam comments are getting old.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Xavier's ashes

I recently came across this web page
I checked it out and seemed very  reputable. After my last online purchase from the baby loss world I was hesitant.  However it's a great page with a great meaning.  I ordered two things from them and I had them in my hand  within a week.  That's right, one week. I paid for a product and had it in my hand in a very  short time. Just as it should be. No almost 9 month wait. Here is their facebook page

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Jewelry keepsakes

     We all know how difficult the days leading up to the "Day" is.  That has been my life for  the last week.  Its over now, another year done. I still cannot believe that it has been four years.    My little 5 1/2 year old who should be here but is not.  For me she is ageless.  I can't picture her older therefore to me she is forever 18 months. 
     A couple weeks ago someone approached me about doing a review of her company's remembrance jewelry.  I was flabbergasted and honored that she would ask me.  Of course I told her yes, she was super sweet to work with.  Her company is  T<a href="“ rel=“nofollow"></a>hey have some really beautiful pieces.  The cremation jewelry is so delicate and so very pretty.  You really couldn't go wrong with any item you ordered from them.  The piece of jewelry that called to me was a heart shaped pendant that you could have engraved with a picture of your family or loved one.  Something simple and elegant.   is the item I picked to review.  I sent in a picture and within two weeks I had it.  I was so impressed with how quickly she had this necklace made and shipped. Shipping to Alaska takes a little longer but it  arrived on such a needed day.  The 9th, the day before the day.  I cannot even tell you how comforting it was to have this beautiful necklace with Megan's face so close to my heart.  The website even has a very convenient chart that shows you where the different lengths of the necklace will hang depending on the size you order.  I really loved that because I was quite clueless.
It is simply gorgeous.  Try and try as I might I could not get a good picture of this necklace.  I do apologize but it is gorgeous, I am in love with it.   The back of the necklace also has a engraving.  Megan Olivia she still is my heart.

Isn't it lovely?  Thank you so much for allowing me this opportunity.  I cannot express my gratitude enough. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Why is it so hard to write about grief now?

It will be four years in March.  How can it be four years since this little girl was in my life?
Living, breathing, smiling, laughing, walking, talking, amazing me every day and full of life.  Living.  She lived.  She was and still is my heart.  You go through something like this and nothing in your life will every be right or sane or normal again.  You cannot lose a child and hope that you will be fine, that you will be the same person you were.  You will never be that person again. 

You will never be the person you once were.  You may learn to enjoy life again, you may be able to look back and be sad and miss them so very much but you'll never be you before tragedy.   We now know that good things happen to good people.  I sometimes stop and wonder if she would upset that I am letting myself get worked up over something I have no control over and then I wonder how I can just sit idly by while people get hurt.  It can be easy to turn a blind eye to something when you know you shouldn't. 

Four years later I am sitting in Alaska, freezing my behind off and wishing I was back home so I could visit Megan's grave.  To be with family so that they can experience more of the "girls who lived" lives.  Emily is so stubborn and a fireball.  She is so much like me but so much like her father that we clash so often.  She is just amazing tho watching her develop her personality into this amazing girl who will be double digits this year.  How does that even happen? How does time move like this?   Years just passing by.

Amanda is 2.5 now and she is just hilarious.  So different from the other two. She stomps to the corner when she is mad and crosses her arms.  She has only recently started throwing tantrums.  She can be hard to redirect because she seems to hold grudges lol.  She is pretty amazing tho and im blessed to have her in my life.  To have and have held all three in my life is absolutely amazing.

 What happens when you get snow down your back? brrrr
 Of course we must eat as much snow as humanly possible. 
The negative temps here are not to be messed with.  Bundled up we can only handle about 15 minutes at a time.

 I do get to see these gorgeous lights pretty often :) Definitely a perk leaving here in Alaska.

Monday, February 17, 2014

IAMTAA update scam

At least twice a week I get comments on my blog concerning this organization.  It still absolutely sickens me so many grieving mothers have had the unfortunate displeasure of dealing with this person.
Someone just anonymously posted this blog page to me and I am now sharing with you.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

It is rough

It is rough sometimes moving forward.  Always waiting for the other shoe to drop, always waiting for another child to die.  It's a fact of life. People die and I seem to be one of the chosen.  A person deemed so awesome that it was decided I could handle this. Which we all know is a crock of crap. Of course you get more than you can handle, there is no stopping of time .. The show must go on.

I have shied away from blogging, turned into one of those people who I really wished would continue blogging when I was so desperate to find others in pain like me.  You get tired of the same thing said over and over. I hurt. I'm alone. People don't say their name. People don't ask questions. How many children do I have? It gets so confusing and draining.

Most days I'm good, I check on Amanda a lot. I try not to get to mad but she still is a child and people get mad.  Then you feel guilty because you wished and prayed for this.. You were so mad when friends complained about these things so how dare you be angry.  That guilt never leaves it just morphs into other ways to torture you.

PTSD or whatever I don't really like to throw around labels like that has gotten better but tonight was rough. I typically put Amanda to bed around 8... 7 if she skipped her nap.  Tonight she went to bed at 7, no issue she was very tired.. Straight to sleep.  Typically I do not come to bed until 10 or later but I will check on her numerous times. I have to see her breathe .. I have to see that she is not face down as she is a belly sleeper.  Tonight I visited with Emily and then my husband, I did not check on her.  After ignoring my urges a different feeling comes..... My heart races, I feel clammy, my mind is on constant replay. Finding Megan. Not moving. Over and over while I calmly pretend that I'm fine. Bed time, I just stare at the door.  See I've progressed to the point where I would rather not find out that she is dead. Just breathe.  I know she's ok but I don't know that she is ok.  Will I scream? Did I scream last time? It's this struggle that I can't seem to get out of sometimes.  I walk away. I don't check, instead I go and rub the husbands back. He hurt his back really bad and has been sleeping on the firmer bed as it's easier on him. I could easily ask him to check her and I can't get the words out. Tears run down my face and it's dark and he has no idea.. No I can't ask him, he'd want to know why. I'm  not ready to break the facade,   I'm doing ok, I'm alright.  Finally I leave. She's been left alone for 3.5 hours.  It's nothing, it's 3.5 hours but I know she's dead and I know she's alright. I walk in, turn on the light because I'd rather her waken than take me longer to confirm she's dead. The lights don't phase her.  I stand at the door ready to flee. I wait. I stare and I wait and I hold my breath until I see it.  Then you have to wait even longer because when you stare at things your mind plays tricks on you. Did you see that? I did,   She moves her head. She's alive. Relief floods through me. Is this a daily occurrence? No. Not to this degree and I usually don't ignore my urges but I'm trying to move forward. To be normal.

I have her sleeping in a toddler bed most of the night. I can sleep as well. Can you even imagine how hard that was for me, but she needed it.  I doubt I will be ready for her to leave the room any time soon but it's a start.  Right now my next goal is to keep her in her bed next to the wall.  When I go to bed, I pull her bed next to mine. Baby steps. It's progress.

Alaska is cold. Alaska is pretty. Alaska has some neat animals aka the moose.  Alaska is cold and white and dark.  We are acclimating well but it is hard to never see any color. It is white.  The sun rises at 11 and leaves at 3:30 ish.  Did I mention that it's cold? Emily is settling in well with school, dad is settling in to his new job and Amanda and I hang out and clean and play and that's about it so far.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Moving on

I am getting nervous about this upcoming move. Alaska is going to be so much different than what we are used to.   That darkness and then the neverending light...  The -50 degree weather.  I'm nervous.  I have been told that the mosquitos there are mutants.  They call them the state birds.  Have you been there? Good? Bad?

I keep trying to tell myself that to many people live there, they wouldn't live somewhere that's inhabitable lol.  You get so used to certain creature comforts, ya know like not running out of bread or milk in the winter.  I know its not going to be all bad but I'm nervous and a little scared.

I'm leaving Megan's grave to the care of someone else.  I know they will take good care of her but it still sucks.  Hopefully we will be able to find a cute moose ornament for her gravesite. 

Amanda is 21 months now and is super addicted to the show "Doc McStuffins".   I made the mistake of buying her a few items of clothing with her on it and she tosses huge fits when you try to take said clothes off or refuse to put them on.  Its kind of funny but not.  I do know that the 30 minutes of doc means she won't move from the tv so I can get the house clean which is always nice.  She doesn't say many words, but they are slowly starting to add up.  I'm sure that doesn't make much sense, but I know what her words mean, but they are just now turning into  actual undertstandable words.   She is doing really great, loves to play in the dirt.  Oh boy does she love dirt.  I think we need a sand box because that has to be cleaner right?

Emily is doing wonderful, she is the best big sister ever.  She is almost 9.  She is my built in awesome babysitter.  She wants to do things with her all the time and Amanda of course just wants to be with big sister.  She has started potty training her.  If Emily sits on the toilet, Amanda has to sit on her toilet as well.  Its all fun and games till the baby pees or poos on the floor.  Then its "MOM".   I really can't say much though because I'm betting having Amanda want to copy Emily so much will really make potty training easier. 

We are just enjoying our last summer here, we were supposed to be moved already.  In with the inlaws to save some money for the move, but we are now waiting till August.  Should be a lot of fun to with family all the time, but poor dad will have to do lots of commuting and staying with his brother during the week.  It will be worth in the long run though to be able to move to Alaska and not have to worry about purchasing expensive winter gear and deposits etc etc. 
 Wild Amanda, sand has to be easier right?
Beautiful Emily at the zoo
 Must have Doc Mcstuffins on at all times

Friday, June 28, 2013

Last one i hope about IAAMTAA

On June 27, 2013 I finally received the order from Oct 6, 2012.
No its not covered in gold and rainbow dust.  It is exactly what I ordered. *With a extra little cross as a sorry you had to wait gift*

8 months for a ten dollar bauble.  My friend Dana, who ordered same day has not and is frankly just done with this.  I have reported her to a few things but she is pretty silly to think I am the only one doing the reports. She has hurt many woman.  A few of us decided to come forward, tired of not being heard.  A small group on facebook was created so everything we could find on IAAMTAA owner and her other businesses.  I was unfortunately stupid enough to make it public when I thought it was closed so all the incriminating stuff was deleted.  I've been told that items were just" ready" so that is why they shipped. Over 100 orders.  Shipped after I called her a scam where others can read it.  Coincidence? Maybe so.  Maybe she was just finally ready to do the job she was paid for.
I put this out here because other people will search this and they will realize they are not alone.

The one piece I really thought was funny/ironic was finding the complaint she laid on the person who made the bracelets for her.  See, we ordered in October and November yet she didn't even commission the bracelets till end of January.  Maternity leave and holiday leave ok, but who leaves their customers in the dark?   Who doesn't take the time to let people know, none of my emails tell me, "Hey I will not even be making these till January, is that to long? Can I offer you a refund?" Tell me is that unreasonable to expect?

She commissioned the bracelets and then its ok for her to complain about not getting things in a timely manner, she only waited two months before leaving bad feedback.  There is no way for me to leave her feedback on her site, she and her co owners delete everything.  You might be thinking to yourself, well if you cuss at someone and go over the top then that's your fault.  Fortunately we are all woman who are able to act like grown ups.  No threats were sent out.  Simple questions about why she was starting new companies, taking in new orders over and over and over while not fulfilling her backed up extremely over due orders.  Sorry for the confusion on this matter, she paid the lady end of January, beginning of april she posted pictures of our bracelets on her website.  That's what I went off of when I said two months.  Sorry for the confusion. Should have clarified more. It is correct that it was actually 4 months that she waited till she had the blessing to leave feed back.

Yes her page is full of support.  Wonderful stuff, I don't know what I would have done without the I found online in various places.

You cannot take peoples money and  not deliver products in a timely manner. 
People tell me she just got in over her head.  Took in to much. Ok.
Then I started researching her and found out that her customer service and delivery has been this way from the start.  Whatever.  Beware.  Think twice about donating and think twice about ordering.
She could have handled things in much better manner, end of story. **

Thank you for finally getting the product to me that I ordered 8 months ago. Thumbs up. Good job, this is how a responsible business owner does business. 
Now its time to get this blog back to where it should be.