Thursday, May 6, 2010


I'm so tired, yet can't sleep. I thought it would be so hard to sleep on the bed but it really hasn't been. Helps that he is here. I feel like im becoming number, like im pushing away the pain and i feel guilty. I love that baby girl of mine with all my heart. She was the happiest litltle thing all the time, ive never met a child happier than she was. Socks were such a hassle and now she never has to wear them again. Hold your babies mamas, you will always regret that last time yoou didn't. To hear mamama or have her just sit so contentdly in my lap, her kisses, her happiness. gone to soon Megan you were gone to soon and it isnt fair
SHe was so perfect, she was stubborn but that just added to her charm. Boy she had charm I dont think there is one person she didnt' win over. Mommy loves you so much my sweet girl things, things wil never be the same. I just want to nuzzle the back o f your head, i want to never forget that smell, in my arms again giving kisses. You were the sweetest baby how my heart aches for you.

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Amy D said...

I swear, I don't think I have ever seen an unhappy picture of her. She truly is a beautiful baby.