Friday, June 28, 2013

Last one i hope about IAAMTAA

On June 27, 2013 I finally received the order from Oct 6, 2012.
No its not covered in gold and rainbow dust.  It is exactly what I ordered. *With a extra little cross as a sorry you had to wait gift*

8 months for a ten dollar bauble.  My friend Dana, who ordered same day has not and is frankly just done with this.  I have reported her to a few things but she is pretty silly to think I am the only one doing the reports. She has hurt many woman.  A few of us decided to come forward, tired of not being heard.  A small group on facebook was created so everything we could find on IAAMTAA owner and her other businesses.  I was unfortunately stupid enough to make it public when I thought it was closed so all the incriminating stuff was deleted.  I've been told that items were just" ready" so that is why they shipped. Over 100 orders.  Shipped after I called her a scam where others can read it.  Coincidence? Maybe so.  Maybe she was just finally ready to do the job she was paid for.
I put this out here because other people will search this and they will realize they are not alone.

The one piece I really thought was funny/ironic was finding the complaint she laid on the person who made the bracelets for her.  See, we ordered in October and November yet she didn't even commission the bracelets till end of January.  Maternity leave and holiday leave ok, but who leaves their customers in the dark?   Who doesn't take the time to let people know, none of my emails tell me, "Hey I will not even be making these till January, is that to long? Can I offer you a refund?" Tell me is that unreasonable to expect?

She commissioned the bracelets and then its ok for her to complain about not getting things in a timely manner, she only waited two months before leaving bad feedback.  There is no way for me to leave her feedback on her site, she and her co owners delete everything.  You might be thinking to yourself, well if you cuss at someone and go over the top then that's your fault.  Fortunately we are all woman who are able to act like grown ups.  No threats were sent out.  Simple questions about why she was starting new companies, taking in new orders over and over and over while not fulfilling her backed up extremely over due orders.  Sorry for the confusion on this matter, she paid the lady end of January, beginning of april she posted pictures of our bracelets on her website.  That's what I went off of when I said two months.  Sorry for the confusion. Should have clarified more. It is correct that it was actually 4 months that she waited till she had the blessing to leave feed back.

Yes her page is full of support.  Wonderful stuff, I don't know what I would have done without the I found online in various places.

You cannot take peoples money and  not deliver products in a timely manner. 
People tell me she just got in over her head.  Took in to much. Ok.
Then I started researching her and found out that her customer service and delivery has been this way from the start.  Whatever.  Beware.  Think twice about donating and think twice about ordering.
She could have handled things in much better manner, end of story. **

Thank you for finally getting the product to me that I ordered 8 months ago. Thumbs up. Good job, this is how a responsible business owner does business. 
Now its time to get this blog back to where it should be. 


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Anonymous said...

I think you are a real piece of work. I also think you posted these blogs attacking Kerin only to get attention on your blog. Kerin did post that nothing will be started on or start shipping again until January when she returned. I'm sorry if you are too good to read updates like the rest of us. She commissioned the bracelets in January when she returned because her baby was premature and she wasn't able to do it before everything got set into motion. She posted explaining that too. She didn't get the bracelets until May, she paid in January, how is that only two months? So you cannot read or count? She also posted that those crosses were free gifts because of the delays (even though she has apologized about a hundred times) but you didn't mention that here. You said you got exactly what you paid for. You cannot even give her credit where she deserved it. It may not be much to you, but at least she has tried. Also, nothing shipped because of you. She had already posted more than once and put it in her updates that she was planning this shipping trip. You should be ashamed of yourself. Truly! I ordered from the same set and cannot believe how you have acted. She never left us to wonder she always updated. Always. She always explained and explained to us about personal things that most people would not even go into. She is a good person and I don't know how you have been sleeping at night after all of the hateful things you have been saying about her. Shame on you.

Amy D said...

Jane aka anonymous (since you didn't specify), can you please give specific examples to Jenny being hateful?

Rebecca said...

Well, one thing is for sure! You can always count on good old "anonymous" to bring some excitement to the table.

Anonymous said...

Sure looks like she's doing a great job covering her butt from any investigation after you brought this to light! She should never charge anyone until items are ready to ship. I was able to claim fraud with my credit card company for this very reason! Those 100 people who finally got their merchandise should be thanking you or they would still be waiting!

Anonymous said...

You cannot get custom items already to ship. She wouldn't be able to do anything custom for our angels if everything was only ready to ship. Any handmade at home business works the same way.

Anonymous said...

It most certainly should not take 8 months. I don't care who you are you don't take money and wait 8 months to mail people's products off. She should have stopped taking in orders like she has done now till she is caught up.

Anonymous said...

You obviously don't know much about her because she did stop taking orders. The full store was never even put back up. It's not like she took a bunch of orders 8 months ago and then sit around doing nothing. She has shit happen to her. Shit happens. You are trying to make this into something it's not. She has been around for years and suddenly she has a few hard months and you want to scream scammer? Get over yourself

Anonymous said...

Stopped taking order YESTERDAY...funny, since this all happened, I see less whoa is me, and more crowd pleasing..Hmmmmm, seems like someone is watching P's and Q's. I can say for someone who owns her own business and makes money ( I don't care what anyone says..she isn't not making a profit, she isn't registered as a non profit for a reason) ..the customer is always right , is NOT how she rolls...if she can't handle a "few" people being mad about service , get another job. You can be the best business ever and have crappy situations leading to unhappy customers...if you can't handle criticism, you need to not work in the grief field. PERIOD

Anonymous said...

So she hand made those crosses herself is what you are telling us?? Hmmmm those crap crosses are bought in bulk. those bracelets my 6 yr old can do..please...custom made means just of a kind...yeah nice try! She is just lazy and sadly people whom are grieving look for anything to give them comfort only to be scammed by another "grieving mother". It's a shame really. nothing like that should ever Take that long to receive. if you look at any other memorial keepsakes that are in fact custom made maybe 4-8 week turn around...that my friend is for worthy work.