Monday, June 24, 2013

I am a mother to an angel is a scam part 2.

I have been debating on sharing emails and other places I have found that speak about her simply because its so messy and hard to read copy and pasting.   I'm going to do some  though, I'll copy and paste and then add the link.

See today I found out that Kerin owner of I am a mother to an angel, Is also the owner to "Twinkle baby boutique".   Link to her etsy

Detective work.
Here is one person who ordered from TBB and the comments are eerily similar to my displeasure. you must
Skip to 2012, February. to see the comments..

I found this gem concerning Twinkle baby boutique from 2010.  Are you serious, she's been doing it that long?

"July 19, 2010 at 6:28 pm

I got permission to post the WAHM from the OP on DS. It is Twinkle Baby Boutique on Facebook, she has both a fan page and a regular page, it states she is 5 to 6 weeks behind but is still running First Comment Games AND taking new orders. She gets mad if you ask her about an order status (I was told I would get it when I got it) Oh yeah she also throws fits if you call her out on her being behind saying we don’t know what she is going through." this where that quote comes from.


I have 2 emails from people who read the before blog and said , "Hey me to!"

I have 6 people on Facebook who have communicated with me, on the lack of service Kerin has provided. I know I have more, but apparently facebook has deleted emails? I'm finding that I can't go back very far looking for messages.

Things happen.  I'm not heartless.  This however is not how you run a business. You don't take peoples money and refuse to refund them or get their product to them.  8 months. 
I bought this bracelet for Emily.  For Christmas 2012.  Not once was I told this would be a long time coming, like she says she did.  She didn't mention anything till January when I wrote asking about my bracelet.  Two more weeks, hun. 
February, she still doesn't have them. 
March, she will get them to me when she can.
April, posts pictures of said bracelets on her website.  Its JUNE. Come on.  Come on.  COME ON.

She has apparently seen my blog and commented on her page about it.
Here is a comment concerning me,  I deleted the womans last name she was talking to but its visible on the facebook page. 

**I Am A Mother To An Angel Lochlain I was referring to her friend's blog which was posted by someone who does not even know me and who slandered my name despite that. I have apologized to your friend many times and always been very kind to her despite what her blog says. Nobody has been left out in the cold. She doesn't tell the whole story. The bracelets were not even due until January and I paid someone else to make them, who did not even send them all until April. Since April both my children, husband, and I have all taken turns in the hospital. All of this was explained very kindly to your friend in an update again with repeated apologies. Before you come here judging me you should know the whole story. She has caused unneeded drama in our peaceful loving community**

My friend and I were never told that they were due in January. We would never have ordered. We weren't even told that she was sending them out to someone else to do the work until February. Not one time has she slowed down her business and said hey, I'm going to get this caught up.  No its story after story after story about her life.  Put the bracelet in a envelope and mail it off.  This is not my bad, this is her bad and she really needs to learn how to run a business properly.  This Is not cuddly hearts anymore. 

People that emailed me say they are scared to comment on her page because they to have seen people comment and then deleted.  There is still this small hope we may get our items I suppose. Don't make waves.. maybe this was all a bad dream.. Oh wait no.  Our kids are all still dead.  This woman is still not giving people the things they paid for.  

Oh look she's had problems keeping her customers happy since 2011


Rebecca Patrick-Howard said...

What really burns me up about this (for you) is the passive aggressive approach she uses.

I am a professional. I run a business. In the past 1.5 years I have had a gallbladder removed, a hysterectomy, and brain surgery. I also gave birth. My child was sick almost all last fall and in and out of the hospital.

How did I handle my clients?

As a PROFESSIONAL. I gave them discounts. I apologized. I did NOT get on my Facebook page or business page and complain about THEM for MY tardiness. That is not how you run a business.

michelle said...

You should never have to wait so long for a small bracelet, I still have yet to hear of why she wants donations as well,I haven't found any evidence of her giving to foundations , hospitals or directly to people and running a face book support group is free , who knows for sure but definitely a lot of red flags go up ,you have to be very careful there are a lot of people that will take advantage of those who grieve and say anything they want to hear to get money. You have to watch out for wolves in sheep's clothing nowadays especially with the internet.

Tiffany said...

good for you for standing up to her. i know she has a lot of fans. but as you said, she is taking advantage of the already broken-hearted. be unfront, and honest about the things you do, and you won't have to make excuses or delete the comments of angry customers. hoping she finally does right.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I use to like the page up until the last 6 months or so where it's been less of a support page and more of a "money maker" , whoa is me page. She flips out if anyone even mentions another grief page, or support group and deletes comments about it. Everyone says how they've gotten so much support..but it's from EACH OTHER posting to one another. I use to see inspirational posts from her, but now, I see her trying to 1) constantly sell and get more donations 2) promote her scentsy more than support 3) make posts complaining about people hurting her feelings.
Not only is it passive aggressive, but it's too drama filled for women and men who truly want real support after the nightmare of losing a child.

Anonymous said...

Funny, since the whole thing, and the whoa is me...she's giving away more free graphics and trying to butter everyone up....if you're innocent , why butter everyone up?

Jenny said...

I agree I have no idea what is going on. All of a sudden she is giving away all the graphics, which shes always done but shes being really extra super nice and apologetic. Whatever.

Toni Todt said...

I hate that you have been screwed over by her but I'm so glad others are finally seeing what she's all about!! She tries to act like I'm the only person that has complained about her. All the sad sob stories about why she's hasn't sent out orders. You know what? Life happens, shit happens! I'm the meantime, stop offering specials & taking more orders you can't fill!! It's ridiculous! All the self praise. I wander, does her back hurt from kissing her own ass?! She says all the time that the money she makes goes into making memory boxes that she donates to hospitals & goes into supplies, only. But I've never seen a photo of said memory boxes. And sometimes, late at night, she gets on facebook & begs people to buy items right then so she can pay a household bill or get meds filled. And I'm sorry, but in what world does it cost $10 to ship a freaking necklace? She says she don't profit but yet she charges for everything she has! I'm sorry, but that's profiting! Like I said, stay away from this sorry human being! She only wants your money!! She has no intention of sending you what you order!!

Anonymous said...

I wish I saw this. I ordered something back in April and I'm still waiting for it. I've asked many times for an updated and nothing.

Anonymous said...

Jenny said...

Good info thank you

Anonymous said...

This woman isn't even a mother to an angel apparently, so she's just running a page that distinctly takes advantage of grieving parents. It really irritates me no end that no one has been able to call her on her bullshit. She sees questions and order enquiries as a pain in the ass clearly and has no concept of customer service skills. I'm going to keep reporting her page, I urge you to do the same.

Anonymous said...

I found your page, because I too am presently battling to get items I paid for over 3 months ago! How can she live with herrself, scamming bereaved parents?!?!