Sunday, June 5, 2011

"She Who Lived"

That is often how my husband and I refer to Emily.  It is made in fun because we love Harry Potter, but it is also so very true.    She is the one who lived.  She has often asked me "Why?"   "Why am I the only who lived?"  I don't have the answers to that, I never will.   She misses her sister so much, she misses the babies that we never had a chance to meet.   She misses what is supposed to be.

You're children are not supposed to die.   You're siblings are not supposed to die.   In a years time Emily has had her sister die, while her daddy was deployed, learned about miscarriages (2 of them), and then Great Grandma and a few weeks later Great Grandpa died.  So much loss at the tender age of 6.

She has her moments, all kids do.   Her moments are different sometimes because of grief, yet she is a child and grief isn't something that follows a child around forever.   Its something they think about, maybe cry about, and then they get up and they play and they grow. 

Grow she has.   She is this vibrant, funny, beautiful little girl that just melts my heart.  She amazes me with her reading and her math skills.  She loves to wear glasses and she looks so stinking adorable in them, it cracks me up.  She is loving and sweet, she can throw a tantrum like any other 6 year old.   She makes me smile everyday.  She makes me laugh everyday and like any other child, she makes me want to bang my head up against the wall!  

I just wanted to have a post of Emily pictures, lately I've taken some really adorable pictures and they make me laugh and smile and I love to see her grow into herself.


Susan said...

Emily is a total sweetie. I hope she doesn't have to experience any more loss for an awful long time. We have all had enough to last a life time I think.

Catherine's best friend had a lot of help from a charity here in Edinburgh called Richmond's Hope. They work with grieving children through play. Not sure if Emily would benefit from something similar?

It's lovely to hear you talk about Emily, and hear your obvious joy at being her mum xx

Mary said...

Emily is so gorgeous!!! I love her smile! You can just see her amazing personality shine through in these photos. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

I am so sorry that she has had to go through all the loss that she has. I am sorry that your whole family has. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.


She seems like such a happy girl! Beautiful too!!

Amy D said...

Emily is awesome.

marisa said...

Emily is such a cutie! Thanks for sharing those precious pictures with us.

marisa said...

I forgot to write that I love the pink frilly skirt!

BellaSteph said...

She is such a beautiful little girl! Her smile is so big and bright too! That is so much loss for her already and I can imagine how hard it is for her to understand it all. Like Susan said, I hope she doesn't have any more loss for a long while.

mrsnice777 said...

Oh! She's beautiful!! I wish I could get her together with my Beth - they both seem to have that spunky personality. ;-) Enjoy your summer with her!


Mary said...

Thank you for the tip on commenting. I will give it a try and see how it works.

Jennifer Porter said...

Emily looks like such a beautiful, outgoing and loving girl. Megan was lucky to have a big sister like Emily, and Emily and your family were blessed to have Megan!