Friday, June 10, 2011

More facebook fails.

I've been quite grumpy with Facebook once they switched me to the new and 'improved' messaging system.  If you don't know what I'm talking about ... just wait.  Facebook has decided to mesh all your messages together.  Including chat messages.  Including messages you deleted.  They are sorted by names.  When my daughter died my cousin Erin wrote me every single day for a year.  over 400 messages in her folder.  If you want to archive the conversation its one click, if you want to 'clean' it up and just delete the whole conversation it requires 5-6 clicks.
A.little about the messaging.

Whatever, I've dealt with this annoying feature.  Today's however takes the cake.   I am the lucky recipient of Facebooks new happening bar.  It is a mini status feed to the right of your status feed.  You no longer have easy access to Events, or peoples birthday, pokes etc.  Its this huge constantly moving feed to your right.  Basically telling you everything you are reading in your status feed, but moving... constantly.  It is also proving to be quite the privacy breech.   It tells me when my friend Lisa commented on her friend,  Joe's picture.   I'm not friends with Joe.  I will never be friends with Joe.  He might be a nice guy but I will never be friends with him and I should not be able to see what Lisa posted on his picture. Did I mention that I can see the picture? Yes I can.  I can read any ones comments on that picture.  I decided to take it one step further and clicked on Joe's profile. Whoa, one of those that tell you nothing.  He obviously has a very private profile but hey Joe I saw your picture!

here  is a article talking about the happening bar.

here is information on how they already know that peoples privacy are being raped.

So for those of you on my facebook.  Please forgive me because I will never remember to look up peoples birthday.  Sorry.  Thank you facebook for again making more changes to stuff that people really didn't want you to touch.  If its not broken, LEAVE it alone!!!!!

Something I just noticed.  Now that I have the super cool happening feed, when I go to peoples profiles, I no longer see the occasional so and so commented on this and that.  It is simply statuses and wall posts.   So if you are like me and do enjoy stalking once in awhile you are no longer able to because the happening feed only lets you view it for a second before its quickly replaced by someone else commenting, liking, friending, etc.


michelle said...

lol I am laughing in fustration with you. I think its driven me mad.


None of those changes have happened to mine...yet. I hate when they start changing things!! :)

BellaSteph said...

This is driving me nuts too! At first I thought my page was broken. I don't care to have all my messages lik that. Now when people send me a real message it get's lost in the sea of nonsense. So stupid!