Thursday, November 25, 2010

The first thanksgiving without her.

Last year at this time I had two little girls.  I still have two little girls but only one is alive now.  Last Thanksgiving, Megan was sick.  It was the sickness that started the season of never ending sickness for her.  She was 14 months old.  She wasn't walking, she was cruising lots though.  Even though I no longer remember, I'm sure she enjoyed it.  I'm sure she had pumpkin pie and turkey dinner.  She was a good eater.   As hard as I try I cannot remember that day other than her being sick.  She had a horrid sinus infection.  Its all I remember and I want to remember more.  Its not enough. 

I'm thankful that I had her in my life for 18 months.  I do not know where I would be in life If I had never known her.  I miss her so much that somedays I think my heart will just stop beating because of the pain of missing her.  Missing such a vital important part of my life.  My little girl.  I cannot stop the tears this morning.  Remembering her, holding her, that beautiful smile, and that adorable  laugh. 

When I think of the pain and the sadness that I am in now, would it be better to have never known her?  If I had the choice to choose whether or not she was mine, If I could have chosen if this pain was worth having; worth knowing and loving her.  Yes I would, some days it would be easier to not have to live with the sadness, but to have never known her would be worse.  All the sadness and the tears in the world aren't enough.  She brought so much joy to this world, so much happiness because we knew her.  She was always happy to give away kisses and hugs, she loved playing with her sister and trixie.  She brought me to a  different level, I learned so much in the short time with her, about myself and patience. 

I struggle every day without her and there have been days where I want to rip every single  picture i  have of her up around the house, because that anger is so strong.  Why did she let go, why did she leave me?  I would have fought for her.  I didn't know a battle was brewing.  I didn't know it would end so quick.  I didn't know a nap time would last an eternity.  I didn't know. 

Losing a child is one of the worst things anyone will ever go through in their lives.  I am still reeling from the pain and loss and I don't see and end in sight.  I see her toothy little smile and I hope I never forget how soft her baby fine hair was against my cheek.  I Hope I never forget how happy she made me, how hard she giggled when you tossed her in the air.  I hope I never forget that little hyena laugh she had  and how it felt to have her  on my chest, breathing, snuggling in my arms. 

I am thankful that I knew her, I am thankful for the pain because pain is not forgetting.  I am thankful I was able to share her  with so many, that we were home with family for her entire life.   The army moves you around so much that there was a big chance we could have been elsewhere and her love and happiness would not have been shared or known.    I am thankful that I got to see Emily have a sibling if only for a short while.  I am thankful that they loved each other so much. 

Yet, I am angry and that is to be expected. I miss her.  I miss the person I was then and I hope I can find that person again but I will never be whole.


Amy D said...

I'm shedding tears for you. <3

I'm thankful that you were home from Germany. I know that's selfish and it sounds so wrong, but it meant so much to me to be able to be there for you and your family. I'm thankful that you are surrounded by family and loved ones and that when you feel alone, your loved ones are never far. I am thankful you share your feelings and we don't have to guess. I'm thankful that you had Megan. And I'm sorry that you lost her. So sorry.

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Trena said...


I'm typing through tears, and my heart is aching. I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet baby girl.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jenny,
We are so sorry about your precious daughter. There are no words that can effectively convey how sorry we are. Our program works with families whose children have died suddenly, unexpectedly and without cause (SUDC). , PLease visit our website for online/email parent groups, other grief related online groups , peer contacts, and grief resources. The peer contact program is a chance to talk one on one with a parent who understands what it is like to have lost a child to SUDC. We also are very active in legislation here in the United States. We also offer information, advocacy and access to medical research. There is no cost associated with our program and it is all at your convenience and your choosing of which service you would like. Sincerely,
Lisa, Support Services Coordinator