Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Its a new month

March was difficult.  April is going to be better.  I've committed myself to getting healthier and I'm hoping and praying that I follow through.  I know from experience that I need 2-3 weeks of being consistent for me to stay on this path.   Exercising 2-3 times a month just wasn't cutting it.

I'm going to go and cancel my gym membership that I restarted in January.  I love the gym I just cannot take Amanda there and feel good about it.  Plus I have a 400 dollar damn BOB.  It was one thing to not use it when it was freezing but its warmer now.  Amanda of course likes to scream for the 1.5 miles and then will usually settle down and be happy.  Usually it means I have to give up my phone so she can watch "Doc McStuffins"

I just emailed 20 people, my mind is mush.  I ignored pretty much any email I got concerning my blog, whatever for the month of March.  I think I'm all caught up but if you are reading this and saying hey you  never emailed me.  Let me know.  I was even emailing people from last year lol.  I have not been the best communicator but hey I'm getting old. I turn 34 on the 8th.

Well that's it for now.  Nothing to do with Megan, I realize that If I only write about my feelings with her, I'm not going to write as often.  Well see if this keeps me focused.  Would like to have one blog entry a week.  Tall orders I know.

Oh, would you like to laugh at me?

Last night while holding our ancient cat, I told my husband her eyes were as black as saucers.
He made sure I knew that the saying was, WIDE as saucers.  Then he went on ebay and looked up black teacups/saucers for me.  Probably won't hear the end of that for awhile.


Tiffany said...

i understand about march being a hard month. i dread may and oct. it's so hard to function sometimes.

but i'm glad to see this update from you :)

Em said...

I join Tiffany in being glad for a little update. I don't think we need to talk about our dead children all the time. Like it or not there are other aspects to our life and if they were alive we wouldn't talk about that ONE particular child exclusively. I talk about other things in my blog too although I must say that it mostly revolves around Eva right now. I'm open to it changing as time goes on but it's the place where I feel best in sharing her and my heart the most. Hope you post some more. Much love, Em
However, I must say I hate having to prove I'm not a robot!

michelle said...

March is the worst month . I close up so much mostly because of Severus and I feel I have to control my feelings and put on a happy face for him. I am having a hard time going to my blog lately it just makes me more sad.
You are so not old!Try turning 40 lol
I have alot of moments when my mind is so muddled with grief and sleep deprivation too. My little guy is very demanding he isnt content to keep himself occupied for more than 10 minutes. I dont have time for much of things I used to do either and I often say things that dont make sense .
The other night I responded to hubs with "I see said the wise man" Its suppossed to be blind man . Lol
Oh my ten minutes is up. Xo thinking of you and your babes

marisa said...

Yes, March is a terrible month. This year my niece was born at the end of March and brought some joy for us.

So nice to hear that you are doing well.