Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Heartbreak close to home

I recently just found out about a mother whose son and husband drowned.  Even though I have had the unimaginable happen to me, when I hear of these things... especially things so close to home I can't stop but want to scream. "Why?!"  Its like I can't actually believe that these things still happen to people that we truly are not invincible.

So very sad, such heartbreak.  That early raw grief.
It was her birthday, her husband took their son out on the canoe to give Julie a break, some time to herself.  They didn't come back. 
Sheldon and Julie's blog
News article


michelle said...

To loose them both wah I cant imagine. I hope she has a good support network.

Susan said...

Just awful. I think the problem is now it seems real to us - not just like something that happens to someone else.

marisa said...

I will keep thwm both in my thoughts and prayers.

BellaSteph said...

How awful! I get exactly what you are saying. Sometimes I hear of someone losing a child or a tragedy like this and I forget that I have lived through the same thing. So many thoughts and prayers being sent her way.