Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Jewelry keepsakes

     We all know how difficult the days leading up to the "Day" is.  That has been my life for  the last week.  Its over now, another year done. I still cannot believe that it has been four years.    My little 5 1/2 year old who should be here but is not.  For me she is ageless.  I can't picture her older therefore to me she is forever 18 months. 
     A couple weeks ago someone approached me about doing a review of her company's remembrance jewelry.  I was flabbergasted and honored that she would ask me.  Of course I told her yes, she was super sweet to work with.  Her company is  T<a href="“ rel=“nofollow"></a>hey have some really beautiful pieces.  The cremation jewelry is so delicate and so very pretty.  You really couldn't go wrong with any item you ordered from them.  The piece of jewelry that called to me was a heart shaped pendant that you could have engraved with a picture of your family or loved one.  Something simple and elegant.   is the item I picked to review.  I sent in a picture and within two weeks I had it.  I was so impressed with how quickly she had this necklace made and shipped. Shipping to Alaska takes a little longer but it  arrived on such a needed day.  The 9th, the day before the day.  I cannot even tell you how comforting it was to have this beautiful necklace with Megan's face so close to my heart.  The website even has a very convenient chart that shows you where the different lengths of the necklace will hang depending on the size you order.  I really loved that because I was quite clueless.
It is simply gorgeous.  Try and try as I might I could not get a good picture of this necklace.  I do apologize but it is gorgeous, I am in love with it.   The back of the necklace also has a engraving.  Megan Olivia she still is my heart.

Isn't it lovely?  Thank you so much for allowing me this opportunity.  I cannot express my gratitude enough. 


Blameless said...

That is so beautiful! What a special gift.

Jamie said...

I got something from them too! I just blogged about it. We got the same thing too :-) Something we will treasure forever, I'm sure!


Glenn said...

Hi Jenny! It's been a while. I just wanted to say hi and see how things have been. I'll send you an email soon! ((Hugs)) Hope you are staying warm in your new digs. -Glenn